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international mover

A “fintech bridge” between the two countries will help British firms do business in the Asian market while attracting Singaporean fintech companies and investors to Britain. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore signed a cooperation agreement that sets out how the regulators plan to share and use information on financial services innovation in their respective markets, a statement said on Wednesday. Britain has become the global fintech capital with more people working in the industry than in New York, or in the combined fintech workforce of Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, a recent report by consultancy firm EY showed. British fintech generated 6.6 billion pounds of revenue in 2015 and has a workforce of over 60,000 employees, according to the statement. Singapore has also been bidding to position itself as one of Asia’s top locations for the technology startups that aim to compete with traditional banking and financial services. “(The fintech bridge) will support fintech innovators who wish to use Singapore as a base for collaboration and as a gateway to other markets in Asia,” said Jacqueline Loh, deputy managing director of the Singapore regulator MAS. “The agreement between the MAS and FCA will also create opportunities for Singapore-based companies to grow and scale into the UK market.” (Reporting By Aradhana Aravindan in Singapore Editing by Jeremy Gaunt.) UK International News

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Some Simple Ideas On Clear-cut International Mover Products

international mover

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A Closer Look At Logical Tactics Of Singapore Graphic Design

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An Important Guide To The Best Ewen Chia Reviews Online

An Important Guide To The Best Ewen Chia Reviews Online

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How to Choose the Best Maid Agency in Singapore

Choosing the Best Maid Agency in Singapore


With many maid agencies in Singapore offering almost similar services, ensuring that you do get the best services can be one huge task when you lack tips on what you need to do to make the best choice. Here is an expert guide on how to choose the best maid agency in Singapore:

First, you need to ensure that you have information about the given maid agency in Singapore that offer these services within the market. When you know what to do, you should be sure that you do what you should do whenever you are seeking for information within the market. How should you do this? You need to ensure that you have all information from reading the reviews of customers who have had these services even as you try to hire that highly rated maid agency in Singapore.

best maid agency singapore

When you do read these reviews of customers who have acquired their services in the past, you should be able to hire the best from the market thus ensuring that you do have the best services. You should never hire those with poor reviews from the market since this may compromise the experience and service of maids that you would hire from them.

Since most of these maid agencies in Singapore charge differently on the kind of services that they do offer. You should ensure that you do have information about the kind of services that they offer when you need these kind of services. From the research on the cost of their services, you would get to know the amount of money that you would save when hiring their services. You should never use the services of maid agencies in Singapore when you do not have information on the cost of their services. Through this, you should be able to make some huge savings when hiring their services.

Asian maid working in hotel room and smiling

For those who may not have experience in the kind of services that they do offer, they need to seek for assistance within the market when they need the best maid agencies in Singapore. With the kind of experience that they do have in the Singapore market especially on the agency, they will always ensure that they do offer you the services that you need when looking for excellent services within the market.

In the end, when you have the above information, you will learn on what to look for when hiring the best maid agencies in Singapore.


How to Choose Excellent Maids in Singapore

Maison de retraite assistance

Hiring maids in Singapore can be a daunting task as several agencies promote their services as the best in the industry. In fact, some organizations display scores of maids in malls so that potential clients can choose their preferred employees. In case you are shopping for a maid, here the following are fail safe strategies for selecting desirable house assistants in Singapore.

Draft a timetable with all the tasks that a house help will be supposed to accomplish. Maids in Singapore can serve as caregivers to an employer’s child, a cook or even a cleaner. If an employer is searching for a house help to accomplish the three obligations, they should inform them in advance. Besides, the boss should include the information in the contract. A comprehensive contract helps in ensuring that maids will remain compliant to job conditions as they already they knew the roles their employers expected they would accomplish.

Establishing experience level of the maids in Singapore is also essential. An employer should put due diligence to establish if his or her preferred employee has worked at another home in Singapore. If the agency or the maid confirms that she has worked at another place, potential employers should consult the previous boss to verify if she has been a diligent worker. In addition, an employee can increase the probability of hiring an excellent maid through requesting an agency to allocate him or her trained workers.

Prior to hiring Singapore maids, employers should apply for a police verification. Excellent workers should be registered and have no crime records. Singapore has restricted maids to come from MOM endorsed regions that include Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Malaysia. Employers should reject staff from other unapproved countries.

Finally, an employer should ensure to have a central language for communicating effectively with the new house help. Language barrier is a serious inconvenience that may significantly reduce the efficiency of a skilled employee.


More than Just a Clean House

maid cleaning windows


Whether you are getting ready to sell your house, just completed a remodeling project, moving in or moving out, contacting a maid agency for professional house cleaning will take the stress out of cleaning. These professionals offer more than just special project assignments. You can hire them for annual spring cleaning, special holidays or events, or just to keep up with the weekly chore of keeping a neat, clean house. Some services will even iron your clothes.


Maid agencies in Singapore have expanded their services and now offer confinement care, newborn care and child care nannies as well. You can chose the nationality of your maid with many of these agencies, for example you can chose Filipino, Indonesian, Myanmarese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan as well as faith-based individuals. Agencies conduct an SI (Settling-In Program) for all foreign domestic workers (FDW) to orientate and acclimate them workers with the basics of living and working in Singapore. The orientation covers the conditions of employment, home safety and they help these workers understand cultural relationships, expectations, responsibilities when working in a foreign country.


Homeowners have the option of sending the foreign domestic worker for training courses as they deem necessary. There are courses that cover baby care, elderly care, specialized cooking classes, basic computer skills and more. Employers are also required to attend an Employer’s Orientation Program if they are first-time employers to help them understand their responsibilities and obligations for the well-being of these individuals.


Employers have several responsibilities when they hire a foreign domestic worker, such as posting a security bond, maid levies and repatriating the maid after the cancellation of her work permit, providing personal accident insurance, medical examinations and any associated hospital costs.


If you are considering hiring a maid, be sure to check the reputation of the maid agency and ensure you understand your obligations and the necessary paperwork required when hiring a foreign domestic worker. You can get the biographies on the individuals. Although choosing the right individual may require several interviews, if you choose carefully, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of having a maid. For more inquiries regarding this, you can visit Ministry of Manpower.




Benefits of hiring the best domestic helper Singapore Offers 


Despite some of the initial challenges that you may encounter in finding the best domestic helper Singapore has to offer for your home, the result is worth the hassles. Hiring helpers of this nature come with a number of benefits. These cannot be underestimated at any cost.

Housewife Maid Duster

So, why should you invest in a good domestic helper?


The quality of life in Singapore is much higher than that of other countries in the region. However, in order for you to enjoy the higher lifestyle, you have to work for it. Hiring a good domestic helper in Singapore ensures that you can go back to work with ease. Your home will be in good hands when you leave. You will not have to work so hard both at work and then after work.

Having a domestic helper allows you to concentrate on what you are good at, instead of trying to multitask ineffectively. It makes you easy to have some downtime for your family and yourself.



You need to hire the best domestic helper you can find in Singapore especially if you have dependents at home. Children, the sick, and the elderly are vulnerable people. They need a lot of care and attention. In order to meet their needs, you need to have a domestic helper that you can trust with the welfare of your loved ones.

A good domestic helper will ensure that your dependents are fed, cleaned, and pampered. You will have the peace of mind you need to pursue other activities to help you earn the money to take care of them. There is no need for you to worry about potential abuse of your loved ones.


Bottom Line

If you invest the time to find the perfect domestic helper for your needs, you will be able to achieve a better work-life balance. This in turn will make you happier and healthier. What more could you ask for?

Traits That a Domestic Helper in Singapore Must Have

Pretty young woman repairing vacuum cleaner at home

The work of a domestic helper is to perform a myriad of light tasks in both commercial and private establishments. Some of the duties include cleaning halls, vacuuming rooms and corridors, replacing linen, and making beds. The following are qualities that a domestic helper Singapore requires.

If you want to succeed as a house cleaner in Singapore, you need to be good in creating rapport with everybody. This characteristic will help you to live with most people in Singapore. Even if you are not extremely skilled, having this trait will help you to communicate with people and learn many things in the process.

Generally, having an education puts a domestic helper Singapore in a better position in terms of adaptability in different situations. If possible, enroll in a school and get some minimum qualification. Most employers will ask about your level of education and use it as one of the factors to consider before hiring you.

A caregiver’s duty is very critical. Therefore, the employer will be highly keen on the age of the domestic helper. That is why people who are older and married are more likely to be hired as domestic helpers than single and younger people are.

For a domestic worker’s role, experience is equally important. When you experience as your strength, remember that many employers will not just believe what is in the bio-data. Expect your employer in Singapore to probe about the specific tasks you have handled before. Most will also seek to know why you left your previous job.

A person seeking to be a domestic helper Singapore should consider several factors before facing a prospective employer. The selection process may differ in terms of strictness and duration. However, most of these factors will be evident wherever you go in Singapore. Good luck in your search for a house cleaner role in Singapore.

Advantages of Hiring a Transfer Maid in Singapore

Asian maid working in hotel room and smiling

There are many advantages to hiring a transfer maid rather then one that is still living in her home country

Transfer maids have been trained by the previous employers, they have acquired the skills needed to handle the electrical appliances found in most modern Singaporean households. They have also been taught about the levels of personal and professional on the job hygiene that is expected of them. While this might seem like it should be a prerequisite of being a maid, it is not always the case with new hires who have never worked in Singapore before.


Communication will be smoother as the maid has probably picked up some of the local language and idioms, homesickness will not be an issue as she has been living out of her country for a while and has adapted to her living situation. In essence the maid has been trained, has adapted to the lifestyle, living conditions and expectations of working for a Singaporean employer.


The greatest advantage of hiring a transfer maid is that the employer can interview the maid personally before hiring her. Hiring a live-in maid is a big step in any household, especially ones with children. Being able to interview the maid in person is essential when a family is going to entrust the care of their child to the maid. With a few well thought out questions about childcare the employer will be able to gauge whether the maid is qualified to look after their child.


How to Find and Hire a Transfer Maid

The first step is of course to find a transfer maid, ask relatives, friends or colleagues. If you are still unsuccessful, then you can search online, there are forums, websites and agencies that can be of service.


After you have found and interviewed the perfect maid, talk to the maids current employer and obtain a Consent Form, medical records, photocopy of her passport and any relevant documents that will be needed for the transfer.


The last step is to apply for her insurance and work permit. After her work permit has been approved, you have then hired your transfer maid.


If you so desire you may even check on her employment record at the Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) website.


It sounds like a lot of work, but it is actually very straight forward, and substantially cheaper then getting a new hire maid from an agency.


How to Get the Best from your Domestic Helper Singapore


Maison de retraite assistanceIf you have a domestic helper Singapore, you have to ensure that you get the best from him or her. One of the greatest mistakes that may people make is to assume that your helper will automatically respect you and be productive without any contribution from your side. Just like any other job, you need to ensure that your domestic helper is motivated at all times if you have to get the best results from them. Here are some of the things you should do to make sure your helper works at his or her best.


Respect them

Respect is crucial if you have to have a good time with your domestic helper Singapore. In addition to having good time with your helper, respect also ensures that they work up to their full potential. If you have children advice them to treat your domestic helper as a family member, not a worker. Talk with the helper in a respectable manner and avoid using commands as much as you can. By doing this, he or she will also respect you and provide high quality services at your home.


Respect their rights 

Domestic helpers have their own rights which must be observed failure to which you can be sued and legal measures taken unto you. Before you take the decision to get a helper in your home, it is advisable to first learn about the rights you must give them to avoid such problems. For example, you must give him or her leave days, sick leaves, pay the right amount of money in the right time according to your agreement and provide them with food and shelter.


Do not overwork them

Your domestic helper Singapore should have working hours just like other employees. In case of any overtime that he or she works, you need to compensate or reward them as a way of showing respect and motivating them.


Simple and Effective Avenues Of Finding A Domestic Worker Singapore

Maid Tidying Hotel Room And Making Bed

Are you in search of a domestic helper in Singapore? It is indisputable that you want a person who will match your interests in all aspects. The problem is that Singapore is a home of many people who are in search of domestic helping jobs. It might prove really daunting to navigate through the long list of potential domestic helpers.

To evade the trouble to searching for a domestic helper Singapore, you will have to use some effective avenues which can offer you the best leads. The last thing you want is to deal with a domestic helper who will only frustrate you or even offer the worst services ever.

Here are some of the best avenues you can use in getting the best domestic helper Singapore:

Portrait Of Maid Tidying Hotel Room

It is most likely that you have close friends, relatives and acquaintances who have hired domestic helpers in the past. If that is the case, you should take advantage and seek referrals from them. You can seek to know the character of each candidate you have been referred to before hiring. This reduces the chances of dealing with an ill-mannered or ill-motivated helper

It is quite fortunate that there are several agencies across Singapore which provide domestic helpers. The truth is that agencies can be trusted even more than referrals. This is because agencies are operated based on certain policies. On very rare cases will you find an agency which offers bad domestic helpers. It is therefore a great idea to look for different agencies in Singapore and search for a domestic helper from there.

Online Advertisements
Based on the advancing modernity, people use the internet to advertise their services. It is therefore possible to search for people who are willing to work as domestic helpers from the web. All you need is to ensure that the person is based within Singapore if not in your neighborhood.

Online Forums
There are platforms that offer open forums between potential domestic helpers and their employers. You can join the forum and interact with different potential workers. This is a great way of understanding each other’s interests.

Why you Should consider using a Maid Agency


Cleaner maid woman.

We all have different lines of duty. This means we have very little time to spare to do something out of the ordinary schedule. For instance, if you are thinking of hiring a maid or house help to help you out with domestic chores then that is definitely going to pose a challenge to you. One thing is for sure, we always want the best of the best there is and in the case of a maid, it is not an exception considering these are the people we are going to entrust our children and most valued properties while we are out working. To find the right candidate we have to hold lengthy interviews to find the exact qualities and traits we consider the best. For most of the people, finding the time is hard. This is where a maid agency comes into place.
Using a maid agency to recruit a house manager has several advantages to the side of an employer:

Man and woman cleaning in room


Competent and qualified applicants: Using a maid recruitment agency will guarantee you competent candidates. This is because these agencies train their personnel unlike when you would have to test them on your own. In most cases those you will end up employing on your own lack the professionalism required. Reduced costs of advertising: If you had to do the outsourcing yourself then you would have to pay for advertising. However, with maid recruitment agencies all you have to do is choose from already existing personnel.

Saves you time: Think of having to recruit someone on your own. Definitely you will have to spend time doing interviews and testing. Finally when you have a suitable candidate, you will have to do training to make sure that he or she performs as much as you want. With a maid agency, all this is simplified since already most of the parts are done for you.
Even though maid agencies will charge you a certain fee, the cost is worth it considering the long term gains and saves you would have incurred had you done the outsourcing on your own.